Tony Hawk Returns To First Class Fatherhood And Talks Fatherhood, Skater Pro, Olympics, Legacy and More

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Tony Hawk is a First Class Father and Skateboarding legend. It is a huge honor to have him back on the podcast for a second interview on First Class Fatherhood. Tony Hawk’s influence on the world of skateboarding has been tremendous and the number of kids who began skateboarding because of him is incalculable. Through his Tony Hawk Foundation he has helped to build over 1,000 skateparks in underprivileged areas. In this Episode, Tony shares his Fatherhood journey which includes six kids. He discusses his co-parenting philosophy and how he is able to make it work with his blended family. He describes the values he hopes to instill in his kids. He talks about the impact skateboarding will have in the Summer Olympics in its first year as an official Olympic Sport. He addresses the rumors of whether or not there is a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game in development. He tells us about his new podcast, HAWK VS WOLF. He talks about his legacy. He offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

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