Howie Mandel Joins First Class Fatherhood To Discuss His New Podcast With His Daughter Jackelyn Shultz

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Episode 467 Howie Mandel is a First Class Father, Comedian, TV Personality, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Director, Entrepreneur, Game Show Host and Author. He is well known as the host of DEAL OR NO DEAL as well as a judge on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. He is currently co-hosting a podcast with his daughter Jackelyn Shultz called HOWIE MANDEL DOES STUFF. In this Episode, Howie shares his Fatherhood journey which includes three children and two grandchildren. He tells a hilarious story of when his daughter was potty training and another one in which he pulled his daughter out of school because he found marijuana in her room. He discusses his new podcast HOWIE MANDEL DOES STUFF. He describes his philosophy as a Father and the values he instilled in his kids. He offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

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