First Class Fatherhood Turns 3 Years Old

🎉 It was 3 Years Ago today that I published the first episode of First Class Fatherhood. I am truly grateful for every single person who has listened and supported me on this journey and the best is yet to come!

First Class Fatherhood has taken me to 3 Super Bowls, The White House, I’ve attended a UFC event with Dana White, had dinner with Medal of Honor Recipients, Spoke at Dad 2.0, Was interviewed on Fox & Friends, Won the Family IS People’s Choice Award, Interviewed some incredible people including Matthew McConaughey, Tony Hawk, Deion Sanders and the list of experiences goes on and on.

Most importantly the countless emails and DM’s I’ve received from thousands of Dads from all over the world have touched my heart and have motivated me to keep going.

Finally I can say without a doubt I have become a better Dad from listening to the advice of over 400 Fathers who have joined me on the podcast.

Thank you and please remember… We are NOT babysitters, we ARE Fathers, and not JUST Fathers, We are FIRST CLASS FATHERS!

Alec Lace

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