LOU DOBBS Talks About The Importance Of The American Nuclear Family Unit And His New Book The Trump Century

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Watch Now – https://youtu.be/sh4nI5Q8fmc

Lou Dobbs is a First Class Father and Fox Business Network host. He is the host of Lou Dobbs Tonight, the #1 news program on business television, which features a breakdown of the day’s top stories and how they impact the economy. He was named”TV’s Premier Business News Anchorman” by The Wall Street Journal, Dobbs has won several major awards for television journalism. In 2005, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded him the Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. He has a new book available now, “The Trump Century: How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever”. In this Episode, Lou shares his Fatherhood journey which includes four children and five grandchildren. He discusses the current economic recovery and its effect on the middle class. He describes the importance of teaching kids about economics and the best way for parents to approach and save for college. He talks about reinforcing our Nuclear Family Units and how when it comes to political policies we need to consider their effects on the American family. He gives us the details of his new book, The Trump Century, and why he decided to write it. He offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

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