Matt Roloff of Little People Big World returns to First Class Fatherhood

Episode 321 Matt Roloff is a First Class Father, Entrepreneur, Pumpkin Farmer and Star of Little People Big World on TLC. Matt joined me on Episode 165 and it is an honor to have back on the podcast. He and his family have a new season of their very popular reality TV show beginning on March 31st. In this Episode, Matt tells us what we can expect to see in the upcoming 20th Season, he gives us an update on how many grandchildren he has and how he has taken on the role of grandfather, he discusses his relationship with Caryn Chandler and how the kids have responded to their courtship, he describes his three trips overseas with our Military to bring aid and education to the Little People of Iraq, he gives us his reaction to his ex wife’s tell-all book, he talks about how he and his family are weathering the storm of the coronavirus, he offers some great advice for new or about to be Dads and more!

Clip from my interview with Matt Roloff

Listen Now –

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