The Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Joins First Class Fatherhood


First Class Father & Wolf Of Wall Street JORDAN BELFORT joins me on today’s podcast with his long time partner ANNE KOPPE

Anne & Jordan Belfort are First Class Parents. Jordan was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Award Winning Motion Picture, The Wolf Of Wall Street which documents the fast paced lifestyle he lived as a young Stockbroker with money, fame, women, power, drugs and eventually prison time. Since then Jordan has taken ownership of his mistakes and now has built a legitimate brand which has once again made him a top earner. Anne Koppe is his better half who was into the mortgage business before meeting Jordan. They have three children between them and in this Episode you will hear the Wolf Of Wall Street as you’ve never heard him before as he and Anne talk about Parenting, Fatherhood and Family Life. Jordan gives his opinion on college and whether or not it is necessary for kids to succeed in today’s world. Anne and Jordan also talk about their kids’ response to the movie, who is the bigger disciplinarian, their future plans, they offer some great advice for new or about to be parents and more!

Hit The Link To Listen

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