Fatherless Households: The Real Crisis in Baltimore and Other Dangerous US Cities

There is no doubt that what President Trump said about Baltimore is true, all it takes is a simple google search of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Sometimes the ranking changes but Baltimore is always in the top five on all the lists. The crime rate in Baltimore is 153% higher than the National Average. If that is not crime infested than what is? But why? Why are cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit and others being overrun by crime? The easy thing to do is blame the government, blame the politicians, blame the economy or blame racism. It’s not until you begin to have an honest discussion that the major reason for the high crime in these cities becomes crystal clear.

There is a Fatherless Crisis that is destroying our society. Don’t think Dads matter? Let’s take a look. In Baltimore 65% of children under 18 are living in a Fatherless Household. In St. Louis it’s 63% and in Detroit it’s 70%. Why does this matter? The statistics are staggering. Here are a few of them:

90% of all runaways come from a Fatherless Household

85% of children that exhibit behavior disorders come from a Fatherless Household

75% of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers come from a Fatherless Household

70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from a Fatherless Household

63% of youth suicides come from a Fatherless Household

Teenage girls are 7x more likely to become pregnant when there is no father in the home and the list goes on and on.

This didn’t happen overnight and it didn’t happen because of Donald Trump. There has been an attack on the Family Unit in America for a long time. Looking as far back as the 1920’s and Alice Bailey’s ten point plan to destroy Christianity she lays out the blueprint for what we are seeing take place today. It included, reducing parental authority over the children and destroying the traditional Christian Family Structure. She said, “Liberate the people from the confines of this structure. It is oppressive and the family is the core of the nation. If you break the family, you break the nation.

So that the youth will not grow up with a sense of belonging, identity or structure.

Promote sexual promiscuity – free young people to the concept of premarital sex, let them have free sex, lift it so high that the joy of enjoying it (sex) is the highest joy in life, fantasize it, that everybody will feel proud to be seen to be sexually active, even those outside of marriage.”

If we can get back our strong family units and nourish our family values most of our problems with crime would dissolve. Children need fathers. Fathers need to be there for their children. In 2017, more than 19 million children were living without a Father Figure. If we can focus on reducing that number, the crime rates will be reduced as well.

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