Texas Land Commissioner, NHLer, Author, Meteorologist, and The Dad of a Navy SEAL Joined First Class Fatherhood This Week

Checkout the awesome list of Fathers who joined me this week on First Class Fatherhood

Episode 183 Tim Brent is a First Class Father, hunter, fisherman and former NHL forward who played in over 200 games spending time with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Carolina Hurricanes among other teams. Tim and his wife Eva Shockey have a daughter and a new baby on the way.

Episode 184 Chris Santillo is a First Class Father, mixed martial arts instructor and author of a new book “Resilience Parenting: Raising Resilient Children in an Era of Detachment and Dependence”. The book deals with many of the challenges facing parents today.

Episode 185 George P. Bush is a First Class Father and Texas Land Commissioner. He served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom as an Officer in the United States Navy. He is the grandson of the late Former President George H.W. Bush, the nephew of Former President George W. Bush and Son of Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

Episode 186 Rob Marciano is a First Class Father and Meteorologist for ABC News and Good Morning America. He has been covering the weather both in the field and in the studio for over 20 years.

Episode 187 Thomas O’Neill is a First Class Father of five kids including Navy SEAL Team Six Operator Rob O’Neill. In this episode Tom discusses what it was like to raise a future Navy SEAL. He tells us about the Osama Bin Laden raid from his point of view. Also, he opens up about his feelings on his son Rob catching heat for coming out with the story as well as his book, The Operator.

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