Hollywood Will Ban Guns in Their Movies and Show Family Life in a Positive Light In 2020

Imagine this were true? There is no doubt that Hollywood has a major impact on our culture. How many people have watched Rocky and started training? How many people watched Black Hawk Down and joined the Military? Movies create powerful emotional responses from men and women in our society.

Unfortunately, the actors, actresses, directors and producers have turned Hollywood into a propaganda machine for political purposes. One of the major issues they stand against is the right to bear arms. They are screaming so loudly for more gun laws that they fail to recognize their own ability to drive a stake through the heart of gun violence in America. Instead of calling for citizens to give up their right to protect themselves, why not take the lead and Ban All Gun Violence from their movies? I often wonder why Hollywood, who is so anti-gun, can’t seem to make a single movie without promoting gun violence. Even the Super Hero movies can’t make it a hour without someone throwing bullets around. But we know the answer to this already don’t we? Hollywood wouldn’t dare leave a nickel on the table. For them it’s all about the Benjamin’s. If they truly cared about the lives being lost to gun violence in our country, it would reflect in the products they peddle.

Imagine if the Imagination Mecca would instead promote Family Life, and Fatherhood by showing it in a more positive light. Every time we see a single guy in the movies, he’s living it up. Single guy is banging hot women, spending cash and getting high without a care in the world. Family Dad? Family Dad always has his head down and life kicks him in the ass all day long. Family Dad never gets laid and he always has the look of a guy who has given up on life.

Also for an industry that pushes socialism its kind of funny how one or two actors in a movie can make 20 million while the majority make much less and all the extras get minimum wage. If they believed in what they preach, why not divide all the money equally among every cast & crew member?

Hollywood, you have a Golden Opportunity to make some real changes in our society. Why not start in 2020 with a ban on assault weapons in all of you films?

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