Alexander Kane is a First Class Father and an Actor who is bringing a breath of fresh air to the Hollywood Movie scene. His latest role is in Unplanned which is a huge box office success. He has also wrapped up on a big western coming out this fall called HELL ON THE BORDER and is attached to 3 big time features; ANTI-LIFE, a remake of the Academy Award winning picture HIGH NOON, and the critically acclaimed remake of THE SETUP.

Alexander is a father of six children including a set of twins. In this episode 174 of First Class Fatherhood he talks about his fatherhood journey and how working on a film like Unplanned had a personal effect on him and other members of the cast.

The topic of abortion is always a tense debate. I’m in no position to judge anyone for their decisions but I believe we need to be responsible for our actions. In my opinion, making abortion legal is just as ridiculous as if we made drunk driving legal. If you drink and drive and get caught, your license is taken away for six to nine months. If you drink and drive and kill somebody, you go to jail for seven plus years. If you have sex with somebody as they become pregnant, you become a parent. Of course the obvious issues of rape or incest or the danger of the mom losing her life are not the cases I’m talking about and those are rare. So far in 2019 there have been over 250,000 Abortions in the United States (usabortionclock.org) Of those 2,400 have been due to rape or incest (1%). This not a women’s rights issue, this is a genocide issue.

Listen to episode 174 of First Class Fatherhood to me talk a bit more in depth about this with Alexander Kane who recently starred in Unplanned.


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