Is It Still OK To Send Your Kids To College?


The recent news about celebrities paying millions of dollars to bribe colleges to accept their kids has pissed off a lot of parents.  For most families, sending kids to college takes a lifetime of planing and saving and sacrifice.  Unless of course your are super rich or have excellent athletic ability, then it’s much easier to get into the school of your choice.  There are many scholarships, financial aid and grants available but for the most part kids accumulate debt that takes years to pay off.  Many people in the United States are calling for free college but is there any real value in a college education today?  Is it necessary to have a college degree in today’s marketplace?  Which would you rather your child have; an online business with steady cash flow that provides a lavish lifestyle or a degree from a University?

Now obviously if the plan is to become a doctor or a lawyer, college is a must.  If the goal is to just get an education and see where life takes you, I think it’s a bad plan.  I drive Uber and Lyft on the weekends and most of my fare’s are kids in college or people who recently graduated college.  I would say seven out of ten that I ask say they have no idea what they plan on doing with their degree after college and the ones who graduated are working jobs that differ from their major.

Do college’s teach how to accumulate wealth?  Do they teach how to set and accomplish goals?  Do they teach how to attain financial freedom?  Is their a better way?  Are the majority of people simply conforming to the idea that you must get a college degree?

Identifying a problem and creating a solution, finding a way to serve other people, building a unique skill set or mastering a trade are some of the ways people are earning big money in the marketplace.  Today’s marketplace favors entrepreneurs and there has never been a time in history when access to information has been so accessible for everyone.  Are they using any books in college that you can’t find online?

I’m five years away from my first child being eligible for college.  This conversation is an important one for me and in that time I will be searching for answers to some of these questions.  What about you?  Would you say that your college degree has the value of what you paid for it?  Comments below>>>


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