First Year Podcaster Puts His Guest List Up Against Joe Rogan’s! How Does It Stack Up?

My first year of podcasting is complete.  What an incredible journey it has been.  A little more than a year ago I had no idea what a podcast was.  My older boys became interested in making YouTube videos so I was trying to help them with the process and that’s when I made the discovery.  I used my imagination and faith, chose a topic which I am very passionate about and took the plunge.

I have interviewed about 125 people in my first year of creating First Class Fatherhood.  And from what I know now about the Podcasting game, Joe Rogan is the best in the business.  To test my progress I pulled up Joe’s guest list of his latest 125 guests or so to see how mine measured up.  Now Joe is a professional who is very well known and has been doing this for years.  I am a amateur who never had a Social Media account until I started this journey.

I believe in my message, that Fatherhood and Family Values need to be celebrated at the highest level.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my message with hundreds of thousands of listeners all over the world and speak to some incredible people in the process. You can listen to my podcast on your favorite platforms right here –

So am I on the right track?  You tell me in the comments.  I have posted both mine and Joe Rogan’s guest list below.  After my very first year in the podcasting game, how does my guest list stack up against the great and powerful Joe Rogan?

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