NFL’s FITTEST MAN, STEVE WEATHERFORD joins First Class Fatherhood

First Class Father, Athlete & Philanthropist STEVE WEATHERFORD joined me for Episode 152 of First Class Fatherhood

Steve Weatherford is a First Class Father and Former NFL Punter who won Super Bowl 46 with the New York Giants. Steve has been called the NFL’s Fittest Man by Muscle & Fitness Magazine. He is a father of five children and has an awesome philosophy on life.

In this episode Steve shares his thoughts and experiences about Fatherhood, Faith and Family Life. During his career he punted for the Saint, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets and Giants. Steve is also a noted philanthropist and in 2013, he was named Health and Fitness Ambassador of the Boys and Girls Club in New Jersey, serving as a role model, mentor, and fitness and nutrition coach to more than 80,000 kids throughout New Jersey.

Hit The Link To Listen

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