Live PD Star Deputy McElwain joins First Class Fatherhood

First Class Father & Live PD Hero DEPUTY JEFFREY MCELWAIN joined me on the 150th Episode of First Class Fatherhood.

Jeffrey McElwain is a First Class Father and Deputy with the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. He was featured on Season Two of A&E’s popular show Live PD.

Deputy McElwain is showing the world the human side of Police Officer’s through his Social Media presence. In this episode McElwain shares his fatherhood journey, tells us some exciting news and drops some solid advice all Dads will benefit from.

The statistics say a large percentage of Teenage crime, pregnancies and drug use are coming from children who grow up in a fatherless household. Do those stats match up with what McElwain is seeing on the streets? How does the Deputy feel about weed being legalized?

Find out in Episode 150 of First Class Fatherhood available wherever you listen to podcasts!

Hit The Link To Listen Now👉 or

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