Live PD Star, Hypnotist, Super Bowl Champion, Broadway Star & a Frogman join First Class Fatherhood

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WOW 🤯 Look at the lineup of Dads joining me on First Class Fatherhood Starting Tomorrow!

Monday – JEFFREY MCELWAIN is a First Class Father and a Proud Deputy of Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. McElwain crushed his appearance on Live PD as he represented law enforcement.

Tuesday – MARSHALL SYLVER is a First Class Father, Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Performance Hypnotist known as the Worlds Fastest Hypnotist! Marshall has been performing in Las Vegas since the 90’s.

Wednesday – STEVE WEATHERFORD is a First Class Father of 5 Children. Steve is a former NFL Punter, built like a linebacker, who is a Super Bowl Champion after winning the Lombardi Trophy with the New York Giants

Thursday – ROBERT CREIGHTON is a First Class Father & a Broadway Star! Robert is currently playing Weselton in Broadway’s Smash Hit Version of Frozen! Robert also Co-wrote and starred in CAGNEY the play about my favorite actor of All-Time James Cagney!

Friday – CHAD WILLIAMS is a First Class Father and Former Navy SEAL. He is also a Best Selling Author who detailed his journey from a misspent youth to the SEAL Teams to finding a much higher calling in life in his book SEAL of God.

LET’S GO DADS!!! Hit The Link To Listen & Subscribe –

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