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What an incredible group of Fathers I had the privilege of speaking with on First Class Fatherhood this week! These Dads shared some wonderful advice and experiences that all fathers can benefit from. Check it out!

Episode 145 – J.W. CORTES is a Former US Marine who turned Police Officer who turned Actor! You have seen him on ‘Gotham’ as Detective Alvarez!

Episode 146 – STAN EFFERDING is a world record power lifter & bodybuilding champion who is known as The White Rhino. He won the Mr. Olympia title in 2010 as the worlds strongest professional bodybuilder! He is also a highly successful entrepreneur who scored a deal with Daymond John on the Shark Tank

Episode 147 – STEVE BABCOCK is the Chief Creative Officer of Vaynermedia and the right hand man of Gary Vee who is a creative genius on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

Episode 148 – TREVOR CHAPMAN has been called the world’s Leading Digital Strategist and has generated over $100 Million in his own Businesses over the last decade.

Episode 149 – EDDIE PENNEY is a Former US Marine who switched over to the Navy and served with the elite US Navy SEALs including time with the legendary SEAL Team Six.

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